Tennessee CLE

Tennessee CLE

Defending the ‘Drinking Driver’ & Other Traffic Cases…


This Audio CD was recordedon location and is uncut and uncensored. It includes all of the “bloopers” one might expect, as well as (and most importantly) the questions and input from the participants.
The seminar is a real-time presentation of the “Defending Against Cops, Chemistry & Confusion in the ‘Drinking-Driver’ and other Traffic Matters Case” from the practical perspective of a former police officer who lays the system open for legal attack…and, at the same time, gives you a “down-to-earth” theme for your jury’s consideration.

SO….What’s it about ?

John Gormley is a former police officer and police trainer who has brought his experience and legal expertise to thousands of criminal defense attorneys around the country. Wherever John has lectured, attendees have sung his praises, describing his program as “dynamic”, “interesting”, “informative and useful” and particularly unique given his “ex-cop’s perspective” and lawyer’s mindset.
It has been further described as a “fact-filled program punctuated with good humor and fun” (The Defender, a publication of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers).
The seminar, which updates daily, includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

What’s The Big Deal, Anyway…..

Ethics & Professionalism
Should I Take the Case?…What are the Special Rules?
The ‘Motivation’ Behind Drunk Driving Enforcement….
How to Get the Police Records to Prove it!
How Did They Do That….
An Analysis of the ‘Pretext’ Stops that Lead to the Arrest!
Designed to Fail Field Sobriety Tests…..
Let’s Use Them For the Defendant and Against the Police!
The ‘Voodoo Science” of Chemical Testing…..
Blood, Sweat, and Tears……What the Test Results Don’t Mean!
So Your Client Had a Wreck and Went to the Hospital….
Medical Records…They Can “Cure” or “Kill” Your Case!
So What Are We Gonna Tell the Judge or Jury…..Asking For A “Not Guilty” Verdict
Winning Begins with Voir Dire and Continues Through the Closing….And the Cops are Your Best Witnesses!

And What’s in it for You????


$225.00 Includes Audio CD & Handout

-Self-Study CLE Credit in Many States –

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