…A Practical  Aspects Workshop From an Ex-Cop’s Perspective

What Makes This Seminar Unique?

 Seminar Leader John Gormley served as a police officer for 20 years on the state and local level and as a police trainer for 15 of those years. He was a member of a criminal defense team for 10 years. John’s current practice is providing continuing legal education seminars for lawyers. His seminars are accredited for continuing legal education in more than 20 states by the State Bar or Supreme Court of the state where they are presented. John has presented over 1,000 seminars to criminal defense lawyers around the country.

John’s presentations have been described by the attendees as“dynamic”,”interesting”,”fact-filled”, “informative and useful” and particularly unique given his “ex-cop’s perspective & a lawyers mindset”!

What Will The Attendee Learn?

Defending any case that begins with a traffic stop demands that the lawyer has a working knowledge of the traffic laws, police procedure and basic forensic principles. The state has gone to great lengths to make the  “drinking – driver” and other traffic related cases a “slam-dunk” for the prosecution. At this workshop you will learn to attack the state’s case from the moment the blue lights came on through the closing statement….using questions that make you look like the “expert”  and making the police officer the best witness for the defense.

This seminar is designed to assist defense lawyers at all skill levels….from the lawyer handling a traffic case for the first time to the experienced practitioner staying on the “cutting edge” of the law and practice techniques….from a practical perspective!

Our 6 CLE Hour Workshops Include:

Ethics & Professionalism : (1.0 CLE hour)

Criminal Cases are “Different”… Really Different!

Vehicle & “Consent” Searches

 Of Course You Can Look in My Trunk”…. My ‘Stash’ is in there!

Discovery Matters…They Really Do “Matter”!

Using Motions & S.T.D.s Effectively

Traffic Stops & the Fourth Amendment

Stop the Case at The Traffic Stop

The A B C’s of DUI

The difference between the FACTS  &  the REPORT

Developing a “Theme & Theory” of the Defense Case

The ‘Story’ You Tell Must Lead the Jury to “Not Guilty”


Questions Designed to Win Your Case

Trials : Bench or Jury?


08:00 – 08:30 : All Locations


2017 Dates & Locations


Mobile, AL : May 12, 2017

Hampton Inn : 1028 West Service Road

(I-65 @ Airport Blvd)

Call if You would like a session in your area

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