“I will go to every seminar that John Gormley presents”

Troy Williams Lebanon, Tn P.I.

“John Gormley is the Rush Limbaugh of DUI……..”

AL District Court Judge

“Gormley is no textbook warrior…. he has been in the trenches”….          Nashville Lawyer

“Here are two case action summaries of cases I won using your techniques” ….   Patrick Gustin, Jasper Alabama DUI Lawyer          (Pat passed away recently and he is sorely missed by those of us fortunate to have known and worked with him….Godspeed, Pat!)

“A perfect blend of what happens on the street with the applicable law for the Defense” …. Maine Public Defender

“I am always amazed by the depth of your knowledge of the topic…and your willingness to share it” ….South Carolina Lawyer

“I have never had more fun at a seminar in my 18 years practicing law….I will go everytime you come to Mississippi” ….. H.R. Jackson, MS

“Great Seminar. Best I have ever attended. The practical examples will be very useful.”….Florida Assistant Public Defender, 8th Circuit.

“After attending this DUI Seminar I feel so confident in my ability to defend a DUI that I may drink me a 12 pack on the way home….JUST KIDDING! “……       AR Lawyer

“I continue to hear good remarks about the Burlington seminar” ….      Executive Director, VT Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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